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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tree Pose (Vrkshasana)

1.Stand in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) arms by your sides. Get grounded and establish the lines of energy, grow roots into the earth. With a soft focus, gaze at a point in front of you.
2.Shift your weight to the left foot bringing your hara, navel, and nose over the toes. Spread your toes and snuggle your left foot into the earth. Engage the quadriceps muscles and let the standing leg be strong as you radiate the lines of energy down through the left foot and out through the crown of your head. Breath easy and grow long.
3.Bring the sole of your foot as high s possible on the left inner thigh with toes pointing down and the sole of the right foot and the left thigh pressing into each other. Press down through the standing leg.
Press the right knees out and back. (you want the abdominal plane facing straight ahead; the best knee stretching straight out and to the side, not angling to the front.)
4.Bring the palms into prayer position, namaste, in front of your heart. As you press the palms together feel the shoulder blades draw onto the back body and heart lift.
5. Breathe as you re-establish the line if your center. Gently draw the abdominal's in toward the tail bone down, elongating the sacrum. Maintain the soft gaze.
6. Inhale, from the shoulder blades on the back body sweep the arms out to the side and over head as in picture above), shoulder width apart or palms together with the hands in temple position (fingers interlaced with index fingers extended upward). Maintain the lift of the heart. Lengthen through the inner elbows drawing them closer to each other and lift the rib cage away from the waist without pushng forward. Drop the right hip down and extend long through he spine.
7. Radiate the lines of energy down through the standing leg, up through the arms and out through the bent knee. Breathe and stay focused.
Release: Exhale, release the arms back to prayer position and the leg down. Breath, come back to center, repeat on other side. Tree is a two-part pose.

Variations: Using hands to place foot at the top of inner thigh near groin. Hands in prayer overhead.

Benefits:  Develops; concentration, coordination, balance, poise, strenth and groundedness.
               Strengthens the ankles, knees, hip joints back, shoulders, and neck.
               Improves Circualtion and respiration
               Improves Kidney Function
               Stimulates nervous system
               Stimulates digestion and helps rleive constipation
               Prevents hernia by strengthening the internal oblique muscles
Precautions: Uncontrolled or untreated high blood presure, heart conditions, nervous disorders, menstruation, pregnancy (during first three months or if problems arise): Practice carefully without long holding times.
Weak kness: Keep quadriceps of supporting leg engaged and keep supporting knee soft to avoid hyperextention; avoid long holding times.
  • Contraindications: Recent or chronic injury or inflammation of knees.


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