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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Loving Protection For Our Children 2011

Upon birth a child's soul and spirit is one of unique design. Being born to a family who sees this special energy~ a child is truly blessed.  With the hustle and bustle of the Twentieth Century upon us we sometimes get bombarded with angst, thus losing the innate ability of our own uniqueness to be "seers" of delight and joy!

As one remembers childhood "the days never ended" or so it seems, energy was in true abundance, and the realm of being free was at the forefront of imaginative wonder. When we recall this memory flooding out what was once locked up inside for too long, we can begin to see our own soul through direct experience from that of our children.

Remembering all that has made us laugh, cry, sing, dance, pray and take refuge-we are now committed to protecting our children's intrinsic nature.  Being truly present in life, such as the balancing of heart, body, mind and spirit keeps us; sustains us from all weathering of life's conditions. How does it keep us?

In keeping a balance through all that is transpiring; that is, what we say, what we must do; choices we have to decide upon. Love is what keeps us~ Love pours over us during all aspects of living, connecting the body, mind, heart and soul and ethereal bodied spirit: thus containing in us the power to give loving self to our children that overflows outwardly to all beings~ Source of love has the power to sustain life through the ages, we must follow the goodness it offers us.

So here take a few moments placing your right hand over your heart and your left over that~ close your eyes and feel, even seeing what its telling you~ There may be subtle vibrations of the inner source of your being that begins to sprout energy through to the hands and through the human space that we are~ Go with the flow of this energy coming back to it again and again. throughout your harried day, take five minutes to reconnect to all potential loving energy that has for all time spent on this earth is and has always been ours.

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