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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Trade A Chore For Some Fun!

Everyone needs a gentle wave of support when the day isn't moving along in the way we'd hoped that it would.  Keeping up with all chores can become exhausting. Children need tending to from the early morning hours until bedtime.

During the winter months it's best to do what is necessary and not to overload ones schedule, remember we are inside more often during the chilly season~

Trading off a chore, such as, laundry ("got to get it done") can be less stress-filled when we take time to initiate "fun" with our children~  This activity alone will uplift our own spirit and children remember these unique fun-filled times long after they reach adult hood.

The idea here is to explore the nuances of your child's growth-and you'll be teaching them how to have fun, using their curiosity, imagination and talents; plus they'll mimic great coping skills by how we deal with stress related circumstances. Observe what your child is doing in the moment and enter into their world~ Don't try to change the activity, or judge that it needs to be a certain way, just go with your child's flow~

 Typically the best time of the day to do this is between 9a.m.-11 a.m., when our energies are at there peak~ Afterwards create a fun and easy lunch and soon nap time will leave you time to get

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