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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Miracles-Revealed by Children

Children move through life leading with their heart and spirit! A continuous uncovering of unending truth , bringing laughter, joy, love and happiness in the world!

A child's  beaming laughter opens us up to awaken our own spirit making us smile! Curious in nature, exuding life as it exists in every waking moment, a miracle in and of it self stems forth from every child's being.

I know you might think I'm being redundant here, well I mean to be just that! It's only in awareness that we see, only upon truly awakening do we truly live!

As parents, caretakers we need to embrace every child's growing moments supporting in them the loving spirit that they are. Let their gracious spirits rise up honoring all gentle-loving angels that once rose up innumerable times before.

Far beyond here and what we can become to realize every child travels their own path; it is solely up to us that we remain aware of the miracles children reveal! Let us open our eyes like that of a wide-eyed child, remembering our  loving spirit.

Even if there are days that go awry, seek out the miracles which happen every moment! They are not to be missed!

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