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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anticipating Children's Questions! (Hindsight/Insight)

Wherever a child lives, even on the opposite side of the world; they all need and want their questions answered!

> Support System:  Educating them concerning Facts of Life!
> Emotional Stability: Changes that come up psychologically coupled with the physical aspects of maturation.
> Spiritually Grounded: Sharing and engaging them in belief of self, intrinsically aware of spirit.
> Intellectual knowing: Boundaries

                                  Self preservation
                                  Acceptance of self
                                  Levels of Logic/Reasoning
                                  Cognition levels
                                  Loved in Crisis
>Not always occurring in this order**

Please ask yourselves before you enter into parenthood whether or not a childs questions can be answered by applying experential wisdom and an unconditional, unfettered boundless giving of love! They rely on your support, patience, knowledge, abundance of clarity and the respect one shows will lead them through the journey called life!



Loving support...of mothers and caretakers!

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