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Monday, August 8, 2011

Meditation Promotes Awareness!!! (Understanding Self-Limiting Conditions/Beliefs)

All of life's conditions are made up of one or more of these variables, that we as humans withstand in order to be pliable, flexible, and sometimes just plain disagreeable. With variable conditions, sometimes we are as rite as rain, and at other times we feel more like dark clouds have positioned themselves directly above us. Most of these conditions are habitually beckoned in times of transition, in that we are all to familiar to feel a certain emotion.

Emotions come and go, all day long and all year long, have a thought, plug in an emotion, we are all to ready to come to some point that we "think we ought to be": be it; labeling, judging, or self-limited beliefs.

At times self limited beliefs plague us all, rooted in our conditioning for as long as we can remember, but all to often we fall into thoughts that can lead to lower consciousness. Think of the mind as a machine reacting electrochemically through neurons, thus firing off synapses at a rate of a billion each day. If we can control our thoughts or, if we can't, we can become aware of them by seeing the brain for what it is, and how it responds to conditions, ring a bell-- get some food, click open a can of cat/dog food animal comes running, aroma of hot apple pie has one wanting not only the pie, but heck, the whipped cream and coffee to go with it!  So here we see the conditions and responses, however, we are innately and entirely much more than this.

So we sit,  meditate and clear our minds??..."are you kidding me?", no-one can actually clear their minds, well not entirely that is. But what we can do is sit with our thoughts and see where they lead, of course nowhere, unless you are still thinking about that apple pie, which you had a piece of yesterday, and truly shouldn't have today. So many thoughts arise, that while sitting we begin to see the variables that simply are, but, not all are true. I'm sitting here now and my thoughts are on finding a job, washing the car, doing other errands that aren't necessary to my well being right now. Now is the key to letting our thoughts just be, and thus choosing which ones if any to put into action. I'm still sitting and because I'm beginning to center and become more aware of my breathing I choose not to act out on any thoughts, but name them and let them flow, float, letting them ride on a wave back to the sea!

Meditating for 5 or 10 minutes can make all the difference in one's day! It promotes awareness, its effects can clear one's overwhelming thought patterns and activate a new conditioned response. A day with more accuracy and intent about  how you treat yourself with gentle waves of love, and moreover your gentle responses  unto others. Our conditioning is apparent  however, our own purpose and response to those thoughts can be reconditioned, leading to a more pleasant present quality of living now!!!

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