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Friday, February 25, 2011

Letting Love Prevail~Universally

Through all of the time we spend fearing, doubting, judging, we can turn this very thought process into that of love. Even when we are in dire circumstances; stressed, lonely, wanting, hence, when we don't receive is when we can look into our hearts and see spirit, is always at our beckon call ready to give unto the self, unconditional love.  Take refuge in that energy, and if you've never relied on it before just be still and breath, and as you do so move into calm, releasing all negative thoughts out into the abyss.

Before the beginning of time, we were all made from energy, we are not our self-limiting concepts, for in love we are made wholly unfragmented and posses unlimited power of universal wisdom. This wisdom lets us let go of what we fear we must control, hence, this ever moving energy cannot be contained for long, everything is in a process of change. Change is inevitable, and just because we cannot see it, doesn't mean it's not true~ Look at love, we see it not, and still have an innate feeling within us!

Look inside your being first and foremost, I promise the "Light" you find will be that of "Love". Of course there will be a lot of sifting through the mind, for the ego "i" (id) thinks it is separate until "I" (I am connected to ALL) is unveiled. We are all truly engulfed in Divine love, and that love is "The Light", seek here, and you shall find what you are looking for!.~

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