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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Living with Simple go to Rules...

Some Simple Go-To Rules to Create Ease of Living.

Be Aware-Awake,

Be Kind to others, even if they are not (remember, If we didn't cause how the day is affecting them,) it won't behoove us to keep an even keel. Please apologize and make amends as soon as possible if harm was done.

Listen when a person is speaking and telling us all about what is important and precious to them. (When we speak we would expect the same.)

Show compassion, not everyone is learning as we are ie, each person learns mostly from personal experiences not necessarily, advice, intellect, or expertise.

Please don't take too much, nor keep what another may be happy to have.

Give when and where you can. (These can be the greatest gifts a person may ever receive.)

Kindergarten Rules; no hitting, fighting, bullying, yelling, stealing (taking what is NOT yours.)

Report All Abuse.

Please let's not forget to take care of ourselves: Welcome (Come to the Well) treat yourself to Loving and Healthy activities, so many to take in to nourish, Spirit, Body, Heart, and Soul.

Questions ask them, there are none deemed unimportant or unanswerable.

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